HLE for children

(by Carola Proeckl)

Attention: Lucia N°03 must not be used on children!
HLE = Hypnagogic Lightexperience

Children are naturally accompanied by fears throughout their development. It is essential for parents not to feel helpless in these situations. Walk along with your child and overcome these feelings of anxiety together by providing the support and safety he/she needs. Encourage your child to confront these fears, since they are a vital part of life. You must not run away, but rather face them with confidence. This way you will develop trust in yourself while strengthening your self-esteem.

Children are generally very creative and find their own ways to cope with fears, but it can be helpful to inspire them along their journey. My stories, “Ka’s Adventure Tales for Brave Children” is a possible resource of support, wherein I address different development-connected fears in a suitable way for children. With help from the stories, a simple light source (flashlight), breathing, and a magic spell, you can present a coping strategy to your child that can easily be recalled in critical situations. The benefits of reading out loud to our children should not be forgotten, especially when they are constantly surrounded by technology. This bonding experience leaves a positive impact on your child, especially after an exciting or exhausting day.

Ka is searching for answers and finds out that it is the “light-being” of your child.  With the help of light, breathing, and a magic spell, the two of them can finally find each other.  Together they will become strong and courageous and experience many adventures.  Within the first story your child will learn a special technique needed to be able to fully connect to and engage with the light experience.  The second and third story put the learned technique to the test and incorporate it.  Every following story will cover its own topic (fear of darkness, insecurity, grief, etc.) and can be chosen at random according to current problems or situations.

Before you begin you should keep the following in mind:
Familiarize yourself with the content of each story. The first story is meant to teach the relaxation technique.  If necessary, teach your child by explaining the instructions (breathing, closed eyes, magic spell, etc.).  It will become easier for your child to engage in the light experience over time. You should read the Ka adventure tale (one story only!) to your child right before he/she goes to sleep without any disturbances or interruptions. Read slowly and emphasize according to content. Give your child enough time to breathe in and out thoroughly at the corresponding text passages.  The source of illumination can be a simple flashlight; steadily approach your child's eyes with it. Repeat the stories your child likes the most. It is most important that your child has fun!

English version not yet translated. If you love doing translation work feel free!

"Ka’s Adventure Tales for Brave Children” available in German, by Carola Proeckl

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