EEG Functional Connectivity and Phenomenology of Induced Dissociative States

Study of Candidate Number 121060, University of Sussex
pict and abstract taken from the paper of the study. 
We thank Dr. David Schwartzman & team who researched 2015 using the meditation lamp Lucia N°03.


Dissociative phenomena are highly subjective states, disorders of consciousness with no clear organic cause and in many cases, few behavioural signs.

This study aimed to identify an EEG signature for dissociative states, and for 4 sub-factors related to dissociative and altered consciousness type experiences.

Resting alpha frequency-matched photic stimulation was used to successfully induce a temporary dissociative state in 23 healthy volunteers. Phenomenological reports were taken using a range of scales and results were clustered into 4 groups of phenomena (detachment, somatosensory changes, mystical/religious experience, visual hallucination). Differences in functional connectivity and network efficiency were identified for each of these groups.

Participants reported higher levels of dissociation and anomalous experience under alpha-matched photic stimulation.

There were significant differences in both connectivity and power in the induced dissociative state.

There were also notable differences in regional connectivity within clusters of sub-phenomena related to detachment and mystical experience.

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