the believe that everybody is creative 

"... They say everyone is creative. I believe everyone is born creative, but that if you let go of it, it is much harder to get back. Those who are non-creative are known to be more rigid in their thinking; they like rules and like to stick to them. Those who are creative are more spontaneous, like to be different and break the rules – us creative’s have issues with “walls”.  ,,,,   Recently the UCA Pop Up Gallery in Chatham was host to a visit from Lucia N°03 and it’s creators: Dr. Dirk Proeckl – a neurologist and psychologist, and Dr. Engelbert Winkler – a psychologist and psychotherapist. Dr. Ernst Mussmann also joined them in the Gallery with his newly designed Vibrating chair. ... "

Quote taken from:
Report Lucia N°03 at UCA Pop Up Galery, Chatham 2019

UCA Pop Up Gallery on facebook

Inventor Dr. Ernst Mussmann Swave Sound Lying Austria

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