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Lucia N°03 is a computer-controlled lamp system that combines a stroboscope (flickering light) featuring variable speed and intensity with a constant light operating in different brightness levels. The interplay of these nine light sources (8 LEDs and 1 halogen light) is internationally patented and makes Lucia N ° 03 to a technologically leading pioneer. All components used meet the highest quality standards. Design and software come from Austria. Lucia N ° 03 is handmade in Austria and shipped worldwide after careful final inspection.


Lucia N°03 is used for the induction of the Hypnagogic Light Experience.


Scope of Delivery:

• A retractable lamp-head with 8 cold light sources and 1 hot light source

• An adjustable lamp-stand made of stainless steel

• Power supply with international power plug adapters

• A Lucia N°03 laptop with an optimized operating system

• laptop bag

• 124 recorded sessions

• Wireless control via Bluetooth; USB port and cable

• Lucia N°03 configured software

• Lucia N°03 USB stick

• Screw wrench for maintenance

• Spare halogen lamp

• Shockproof packaging

• User manual



Training & certification


The price includes the obligatory Light Attendant Training, which contains theoretical and hands-on experience along with integrating the device in already existing context.

Operation of the device is basically simple. Taking into account the safety precautions, each Light Attendant learns to apply and personally create individual sessions during the training.


Every Light Attendant has access to Lucia Academy.





Factory Kufstein - Austria:

€ 18,000.00 plus 20% Austrian tax.


Non-European countries:

Please contact to distributors or light attendance GmbH


For export outside the EU or with valid VAT within the EU the delivery is without Austrian tax.


For information on the import conditions in your country you need following Customs Tariff number:

9405 2099




Altered states of consciousness can cause flashbacks in rare cases.  The usage of Lucia N°03 lies at your liability.  This system should not be used if you are under 18 years, pregnant, or suffer from strobe intolerance – i.e. due to a psychological condition (psychosis, anxiety disorder, etc.) or medical conditions with tendencies to epileptic incidences.

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